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Functional Art / Dining table


Disponible at Serafini

Dining table / contemporary / functional art.
Numbered piece, limited serie
Custom material and size on demand. Made in Italy.

What makes a table a table? Why is there a hole in the middle and what does it mean? Is a table actually supposed to mean something? After all, why should collectible design be only beauty for the sake of beauty, craftsmanship for the sake of craftsmanship? At the frontier between Collectible design and Contemporary Art (otherwise known as “Functional Art”), this work by Jimmy Delatour aims to raise questions. Questions about the use, the symbolic, the value and status we can give to what is deemed to be used as an everyday object. Or maybe the table itself is irrelevant and that cavity is just a pretext to create an emotional response ? A discussion between the individuals sitting around while eating dinner? A way to fill the hole with human interactions?  But wait, is this about the table, about social connections, or is it actually about food?

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