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Available at the gallery StudioTwentySeven

If the Brutalist architectural movement is recognized mainly for the raw material of its concrete buildings, the formal language associated with it is also very specific.
With their strong, sharp and imposing geometric volumes, these four 100cm high Totems made of stone (marble or onyx), thus remind us sometimes of idols, sometimes of temples, where abstraction mingles with symbolism and leaves everyone free to formal interpretation.

If totems have existed in different forms and in many cultures (Native American, African, South American...) as powerful objects symbolizing nature or a deity, these Brutalist Totems also have a spiritual dimension.
Everyone can direct their positive thoughts about someone (living or dead) or something (a goal, a project) to one of them. This projection allows  thus to make this thought or person visible and to have a physical reminder of it. It is possible to place a note with a name/project in the small cavity of the Totem covered by a brass plate and replace it once the objective has been reached or when the thought has evolved.
Brutalist Totems because they are also like raw architectures, coming to life when we  give them a meaning and they contain a thought and personify it. It is a way of seeing art/design as a medium to preserve ancestral customs and encourage positive thinking.

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