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Available at the galleryArmel Soyer

Jimmy Delatour's first Concrete Absolution collection, includes a chaise longue, a table, a coffee table and four candlesticks
It  is a tribute to architecture, man and modernism.

Concrete was the tool of a revolution that allowed man to rise, to remodel and reinvent his habitat, a tool synonymous with a new architectural freedom and great social aspirations.
If it has made it possible to write a new page in the history of the 20th century, concrete is nevertheless often decried.
With these furniture pieces, micro-architectures with a deliberately raw appearance, like extensions of the structures that surround us, Jimmy Delatour calls for a reconciliation with concrete, to free it from the prejudices that accompany it.
He plays with forms with very radical design and pure lines, projecting the material in the foreground, with strong mass and volumes, enhanced with copper or associated with glass.
A collection made of high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete, like an echo, a reminder of man's desire to reinvent himself and to endure in his environment.

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