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Available at the gallery StudioTwentySeven

Although undeniably contemporary, the “Romanesque” collection draws on the architectural heritage of medieval Europe (itself directly influenced by ancient Rome) to deliver pieces of furniture designed as micro-architectures.

Exempted from decorative details to give way to strong and ascetic volumes of a massive character – with thick walls, semicircular arches, straight lines and simple curves – the large stone sections capture the light to play with the living space and compartmentalize the void.
The travertine stone which was used by the Romans to build temples, aqueducts and amphitheaters such as the Colosseum (the largest building in the world built mainly from this limestone), imposed itself by its very nature, its sobriety and its solemnity. , as the material of choice for this collection. Jimmy Delatour's enthusiastic love for volumes and architecture shines through in each piece to serve both the function of the piece and its spatial energy.

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