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Available at gallery StudioTwentySeven

Veneer wood and brass. Limited edition 12 pieces per model.
Luxury Home retail display pieces.

Numbered pieces, custom available.

Large-scale pieces, such as modules or micro architectures recomposing the interior space.
A volumetric excess contrasting with simple geometric shapes - homage to the Brutalist and Modern movements - and a sobriety of materials.
The XPO (or Expo) collection calls for displaying pieces of art, precious objects or curiosities in its numerous display spaces and niches present on each module.
A furniture set, sufficient in itself, like retail furniture presenting bags and shoes or like a decoration kit to display in an abandoned factory or a hangar, revealing trinkets, books, exotic or domestic curiosities.
A daybed, like an island that one could imagine sitting in the middle of John Fredersen's office in a brutalist Metropolis.
An occasional chair, almost anecdotal at the edge of a display side table with bunker accents.
A floor lamp highlighting an object, if not precious, adored.
A covered bench, splitting the space with its height, offering a cosy rest.
An island Buffet like a boat dividing a room and its side seat.
A screen compartmentalizing a room, warming it with its brass wall lights and filtering the light through an orange hand blown glass tab.
A coffee table like a fitting platform, in front of the monumental mirror of the dressing room of a tailor-made boutique.
Pieces in light wood - brushed and veneered on a wooden frame - highlighted with naturaly oxidizing brass plates,
creating counter-reflections of light in the cavities of the wood and on the ground. Cast brass wall lamps, helping to warm up the space.


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